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as the oakland touchdown covers the equivalent of three football fields. >> concrete will tell two to four hours to set. people can walk on it but it will seven-day days to properly cure. after cured about a week then they can take down the temporary supports that are around the struck. >> ama: it's scheduled to open for traffic labor day weekend. oakland police want the community to come up with plans to help fight crime of them debated possible solutions. nick smith was there. >> reporter: oakland mayor and police chief howard jordan and 175 oakland residents spent their saturday discussing public safety and ways to help crime throughout oakland. >> the community is first order of safety. >> reporter: unlike forums in the past. today's workshop encouraged people to sound off but offer problem solving solutions. >> if the community is informed and working together, if the police as part of the community, then we can have a safe community. >> the strategic policy partnership consulting team is working to reduce violent crime in oakland. >> what you find very often.... >> bob stewart is part of t
are following breaking news out of downtown oakland. police are investigating a fatal shooting. christien kafton is live for us. >> reporter: let me tell you this is a large crime scene. it's spread out over five blocks here in downtown oakland. right now alameda county coroners office is on scene here just about to load the victim into a van to remove him from this scene. there was a very expensive sports car just about seven or eight minutes ago that expensive sports car was towed out of the area. we have video of what the scene looked like earlier. police say they responded to the scene around 3:00 this morning and found the dead man in the street with numerous shell casings around him. and there is another scene just about a block away with more shell casings there and a half block away again that very expensive sports car. it looked like ans aton martin vintage. that sports car is certainly part of this investigation. we saw investigators looking over it with flashlight and trying to get a little bit more information about that. as mike said a couple moments ago, this shooting happened when
. and the first look at the new exploratorium will be here on abc7 news. >>> developing news, oakland police are investigating that city's latest homicide. a title shooting that occurred just a few hours ago. police aren't saying much about the victim they found when they checked a report of shots being fired around 3:00 this morning. when they will eight ride near ninth and clay streets, they spotted someone suffering from a gunshot wound. that victim died at the scene. >>> daly city police are looking for witnesses to a car crash on eachmore avenue that left three people dead. it happened shortly after 8:00 last night. police are trying to piece together what led up to the crash. the second driver did same at the scene but police still want to talk to anyone who may have seen the accident. i >> any witnesses tell you about anything that transpired. >> thatafter right now. we are investigating the collision and it's very early in the vision so there will be a lot of work 20 do. >> yelled there was a four-hour town hall. those in april ten dance came up with sheets of suggestions to improve
. >> give me the worst school in oakland, black, mexican, poke dot, give us the worse school anywhere in america, and we'll take it, and we'll out perform the other schools in five years. jowrn: ben created the model at the indian haven charter school in the heart of the a rough neighborhood. >> now, these are hard workers here. john: they have the highest test scores in california. you can do that on the same amount the state gives every school? >> well, yeah, less. we get less than every other school. >> the kids in american indian public charter schools are scoring so far above the average for the state for public school children, there's not a word for it. john: here at american indian, they pay some kids to tutor other kids. >> we hire students and pay them. they are excited to make money. reporter: chavez is politically incorrect. >> what do you want to study? >> science. >> science! a mexican in science? yeah, good for you, honey, a rare bird. john: criticized for strict rules. >> you were in trouble, weren't you, boy? >> they want us to succeed. >> he had to do pushups. >> you
in san jose tonight, "abc 7 news." >> oakland residents and officials met at a public safety forum to build bridges between the community and police. mayoral jean quan participated in the entire four hour townhall. they brainstormed and came up with suggestions to improve safety and community policing. one man said this scene of people working together happens all the time in oakland. >> that is the bright side of oakland. there does exist a bright side and there does exist a group of people that care about the community and who are just as involved in the community as any other city in the bay area. >> oakland officials say there will be another townhall meeting before the end of the month sxl. another effort to get weapons off the streets of solano county. they took in 344 weapons ranging from shotguns to a military rocket launcher. every gun turned in was exchanged for either cash or gift cards. people had different reasons for turning in their weapons. >> you can get grocery or gas. the most important thing is getting the guns off the street. >> i got cash for grandkids and a c
7 news. >> thank you, kira. developing news, oakland police are checking into the city's latest homicide. a fatal shoot owing curd just a few hours ago. police aren't saying much about the victim. they pound the victim with a report of shots being fired around 3:00 this morning. when they arrived near ninth and clay streets, they spotted a person suffering from gunshot wounds. victim dialed at the scene. daly city officials are investigating a crash on eastmore avenue that left three people dead. a fourth in the hospital. all of them were cut out of a car broadsided by another vehicle shortly after 8:00 last night. police are trying to piece together what led up to that crash. the second driver stayed at the scene, but police still would like to talk to any witnesses. >> any witnesses tell you about anything that transpired. >> thatafter right now. we are investigating the collision and it's very early in the vision so there will be a lot of work 20 do. >> the sole survivor in the car that was hit is being held for observation at the hospital. detectives have not had the chance
on the spot. $80,000 in cash and gift cards were handed out. >>> in oakland, residents spoke out at a public forum on safety today. the meeting with city leader and top law enforcement officers lasted more than four hours. the mayor and the police chief were among the officials who met with 175 residents. today's workshop encouraged residents to offer problem solving solutions as well as sounding off. >> the community is informed, working together, is the police part of the community, then we can have safe communities. >> ama: this is the second of five meetings to gather community input. the topics will form part of a strategic plan to reduce crime. >>> new at 6:00. a man isn'ting called a hero tonight -- man is being called a hero after coming to the aid of a police officer. the good sam samaritan jumped into an altercation between 0 police officers and a robbery suspect. according to joe the suspect had wrestled the officer to the ground and was trying to take his gun. joe was driving by and jumped out of the car and helped the officer restrain the suspect. >> i had to do something. becau
discovered programs in place at most of the nation's major airports. including sfo, oakland and san jose, where airport specialists can shoot and kill birds that pose a risk of colliding with aircraft taking off or landing. >> as soon as we are finding planes and birds are flying, there will be a conflict. >> a qualified biologist, he serves as a wild life biologist with the fish and wild life service in sacramento. they issue permits to shoot and kill birds but only after everything else has failed to scare off the birds. >> when dealing with a bird. we want lethal removal to the the last option t we want it to be a direct threat to human health and safety. >> at sfo, there's been 211 bird collisions in the last two years, up significantly. and in oakland international. 115 and where just this january, they began using live ammunition to shoot birds the faa recorded 114 collisions, down from the previous two years. >>> and during the first month and a half of the program. wild life officers killed a dozen birds at sjc and in oakland, they report shoots less than 100 a month, or 1200 bir
, in the tenderloin, i got a couple telemarketing places. also i deal with on the private industry council in oakland, i deal with western community center, i deal with hospitality house, downtown in san francisco. these places help you get your resume together. and what i did also, i went and found all the websites that would offer job training. i just put everything on one website, any type of place that would help you with a legal resource and housing, i found a place in oakland, let you stay there for 18 months and you can get truck driving skills, construction trade. upon release a lot of people don't want to go back to the same environment but they don't have a choice. [speaker not understood]. and home boy hotline is not [speaker not understood] bias, race bias, it's for men and women. i go to juvenile halls. i go to prisons, also i go to 1 11 taylor and i go to a halfway house and do a presentation every three months to let them know what the home boy hotline is based upon. i get letters all the time from prisoners and phone calls. i really didn't know nothing about the reentry council to be
, abc7 news. >> oakland is trying to build bridges between the community and police. yesterday a public safety quorum was held and mayor jean quan took part in the entire four-hour town hall. they brain stormed and came up with sites of suggestion to go improve public safety and community policing. one man said this theme of people working together happens all the time in oakland. >> it's the bright side of oakland. there does exist a bright side and there does exist a group of people who care about their communities and who are just as involved in their community as any other city in the bay area. >> oakland officials say there will be another town hall meeting before the end of the month. >>> an effort to get weapons off the streets in solano county is being called wildly successful. yelled authorities at the solano county fair grounds took in 344 weapons ranging from shotguns to a military rocket launcher. every gun turned in was exchanged for either cash or gift cards. people had different reasons for giving up their guns. >> the grocery gift card, you can get groceries, gas. didn't
on wednesday. friends told us that he had been bullied at school. >>> the family of a missing oakland woman is planning a prayer vigil tomorrow in hope of bringing her home. 31-year-old erica maska-leris was seen in oakland on wednesday at a store on 34th street and telegraph avenue. that is where her friends and family plan poto hold a vigil and say maska-leris is in good physical and mental condition, but has had suicidal tendcies in past. >>> new video that highlights those who stood by the side road to pay respect to two slain santa cruz officers. this was taken by a police officer who mounted a camera as he rode along the motorcade for the offer. those who lined the path during thur's further procession and many held sign and other held flag and put their hand on their heart. they were shot and killed on february 26th when they were investigating a sexual assault case. the suspected gunman was killed in a shoot-out with police. >>> hundreds of people received hundred dollar gift card at a begin buyback event in vallejo. organizers say 350 weapons and even a rocket launcher were turned
in oakland. looking out towards the tip-top of mount diablo standing 3,847 feet tall. san francisco currently in the upper 50s. low 60s san jose. oakland at 62 degrees. the winds are slight out of the northwest at 8 miles per hour. what a difference a day makes when those howling winds were relentless yesterday and last night. today with the lack of a wind, upper 60s in santa rosa above average. typically we are in the 60s around the peninsula and that's what we realized today. san jose about 2 to 3 degrees below average. 68 degrees common from fairfield through discovery bay. tonight over my, no clouds. temperatures still cold. 35 santa rosa, 34 degrees towards sonoma. upper 30s napa. low and mid-40s common around the almaden valley through mountain view through palo alto. this is the scene towards the coast where official sundown tonight is at 6:11. we'll have those cool temperatures overnight. tomorrow a play date, plan outdoor activities with the bright sunshine, mild temperatures and certainly some beach weather to come. in fact, santa
lands disfavor in 1991 in the oakland fire. that particular tragedy was that people tried to leave. 11 people died including 6 going in their cars trying to get out. this particular assess road is unsafe and it should be denied. i appeal to our discretion. thank you >> thank you. >> good morning members of the commission i'm stephanie. i live in the corresponding mount apartment. i'd like to speak to the potential danger of the instability of the hillside on which this project is to go built. several years ago there was a land side on court reporting land street. that's now covered over by concrete that was placed through in order to shore up the hillside. the fifth avenue building was undermined by that landslide. it was very scary to all of us and the hillside on where this project is to be built is very steep. as one of the gentlemen before me mentioned that building was left off of the illustration of the project that was to be built and i also have to ask why that building was left off the project. i didn't intend to speak this afternoon so pardon me i'm not a speaker. this proj
with his family. believe ryan is safe, based on what they called "credible information." >> oakland police re investigating and early morning fatal shooting. it happened in west oakland, around 3 a.m. further details about the victim are not available, and no suspects are inthe shooting comes just two this days after a large-scale gang raid in oakland that was intended to reduce gun >> the u-s coast guard rescued five people after a fatal sailboat accident. one person was killed friday night after the 30- foot sailboat smashed apart on the rocks near san clemente island. the crew on the sailboat was taking part in a race at the time of the accident. officials say the rudder on the boat failed. and so did attempts at >> coming up on kron 4 news weekend [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf... is more fun than ever. sees better than ever. ♪ charges faster. and will charge. cool. and heat. from your phone. fact: leaf never needs gas. ever. good for the world. built in america. now, leaf's an easier choice than ever. ♪ shop at choosenissan.com. ♪ >> it started out as a m
of the new bridge known as the oakland touchdown. it covers the equivalent of three football feels. >> concrete takes two or four hours to set, strong enough for people to walk on, but seven dies properly cure, and then after a week then they can start taking down the treasure supports around the structure. >> ama: he work will allow eastbound traffic to use the new bridge several months earlier than originally planned. the new east span is scheduled to open on labor day weekend. >>> we have new details on the vatican's preparations to ereact new pope. front runners are emerging, here's more from rome. reporter: the top of the chimney now installed on the roof of the sistine chapel. the focal point for millions of catholics around the world, who starting tuesday will be watching, waiting. for white smoke. signaling a new pope had been elected. inside the sistine chapel the finishing touches being put in player, including the two cast iron stoves where all 115 cardinals' ballots will be hurricane. the vote can taking place in absolute secrecy. >> there's locked in. no communication,
and the port of oakland. we can see where warmer temperatures. and chilly temperatures in the north bay in the east bay valleys. 30's. mostly sunny with some patchy clouds. and the sun rise will be one of our later. 7:27 and likewise, the sunset will be an hour later. 7: 12 and we will see lots of sunshine. temperatures will be warming up in the upper 60s. . concord, fairfield. these temperatures will be an increasing by a two-five degrees. >> gays and taxes. soon, same-sex couples could be in line for a tax break. later this month, the u-s supreme court is scheduled to hear oral arguments on proposition eight. the voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage. tax experts say if the ban is eventually overturned. and, a provision of the defense of marriage act is stuck down. some married couples and gays whose spouses have died. may be eligible for retroactive income and estate tax refunds. kron four's philippe djegal speaks with a local tax attorney who says depending on the court's ruling. same-sex married couples could see a pay off. >> if they have had their same-sex partner pass away the
, oakland, alameda, berkeley. 64 in san jose, a couple of degrees below average but going up for your sunday. warm spot, 73 in napa, sonoma and glen ellen. we still have the top tier tights, the main lights of the bay bridge still off at this hour. kpix 5 looking into that problem, but the deck lights here, the decorations of the new bay bridge, those lights are lit. currently in oakland, with clear skies. pretty mild outdoors right now. the winds are on the flat side. these temperatures will be dropping into the 30's and 40's once again. 35 in santa rosa. willow glen, right around 42. 45 by berkeley. tonight, clear skies and cool temps. tomorrow morning, it's the return to daylight saving time. so therefore official sunup is at 7:29. it's going to pan out to be a warmer day. the extended forecast calls for above-normal temperatures and absolutely beach weather. bam! santa cruz, 70 degrees. offshore wind up to about 15. meanwhile, we do have our storm track. it's taking a huge curve up and around the ridge of high pressure, taking a
, a few clouds in the central valley. 57 at lake ha -- tahoe. 69 at oakland and 67 in mountain view. extended forecast, sunshine all over the place for the bay area with readings warming into the mid-70s midweek. by next weekend, we'll cool it off a little bit with numbers coming back down into the upper 60s range, but there's not a drop of rain. are we going over to phil? >> no. going over to anne. hang on. >>> another gun buyback this weekend netted nearly 350 weapons, including a rocket launcher. officials at the fairgrounds say $30,000 worth of cash and gift cards were given away, people turning in handguns, shotguns, rifles in working condition got 100 condition each. people with assault rifles got 200 bucks. a spokesperson say they will make sure the collected weapons will not get back on the streets. >> as soon as we receive the weapons, we make sure they're not stolen. if they're not stolen, we take them back. if we can, we're going to destroy them right here on scene. we have armors here that will disable the weapons and they will ne
was people were fleeing san francisco to live in oakland, berkeley in resident parks because they didn't want to be so dense and there was no plays for it to be built and san francisco developed like st. france, lakeside village and later forest hill and we speak about forest hills it provided a place for lack of a better term people in what would be upper-middle class could live in an area that wasn't so dense. now we're building almost no single-family homes in san francisco. and what is happening is people with families what are looking particularly for a new home are forced out of san francisco. if they buy an older home there's in bad shape. or they're forced into homes where the neighborhoods are used for other things other than housing and it's not a pleasant place. i'd like love to see this move forward as proposed by the neighbors with fewer sites. i think we heard from an expert in housing prices and i think her comments were adequate for this to immunes and not to pencil out to cover the costs you've got to have a number of homes. you're not going to sell those hom
, and over here oakland california. and you're aware of the violent nature in that city. >> of course, yeah. >> what i'm concerned with is you have do gooders and they're painting out something that the nortenas have painted and want to stay up there and they don't really observe nighttime hours versus daytime hours. so, how do we protect the possibility of some violence being put upon these people that are doing the good work? >> so, you're thinking more like the retaliation from taggers of the people that are abating the tagging. >> you just have to educate them. try to make them aware of what's gang graffiti and what's tagger graffiti. either way it's going to be dangerous. there is a lot of violence in the taggers. they get into fist fights. i've arrested tagers with knives and brass knuckles. i've heard stories of guns being taken off tagers. it is a violent culture or has aspects of violent culture in it. you need to educate people on that. when you're going -- when you're painting over someone's graffiti, that could be seen as the ultimate disrespect. and you could be exposing yourse
block of mission street and i want to give a huge thank you for the oakland police department and we put it out that we had lost this very dangerous weapon. and through, tireless police work, back and forth from some of our plain clothes officers and there as we were able to locate residents in oakland, and serve search warrants and recover not only rar 15 and the other property that was taken from trunk but a second ar that was taken. but we had a very sound event happened on force and slope and on saturday night. a 17-year-old girl on her birthday crossing the street was hit by a drink driver and killed. one block from her home. that drunk driver was taken into custody. and he will be rigorously prosecuted. the child attended loyal high school. >> and then on sunday at about 3:00 in the afternoon, a woman entered a home on the 2000 block of lion street, she was under the influence of bath salts, which is a newish drug that is hitting the streets right now. and can be smoked snoerted or in jected and it causes increased blood pressure, paranoya and reduced need for feed or sleep, i don
the temperatures down around the inner bay. oakland to san francisco, feeling more of that ocean air conditioning as opposed to the drying effect of north winds like in fairfield and north valival i vallies. a slight breeze keeping the coast cool, the north bay has a chance of getting into the 70s. the most important thing tonight for the weather is the time change. spring forward begins tonight. 2:00 in the morning. if you don't want to wait until that time, as you go to bed tonight, clocks go forward one hour. that gives us the extra hour of daylight in the evening. i think you will appreciate it with the temperatures warming up. the evenings will be mrpleasant around the bay area. right now clear skies over much of the bay area. not much in the way of low clouds on the coast. high pressure builds in, skies clearing and drying after the week that brought two feet of snow. some of that rain and snow came through the bay area earlier this week. in the pacific, a pattern shift taking place. the water vapor satellite showing you the pineapple express, moving from hawaii up towards seattle, and atmo
cruz, oakland and contra costa county and the work week is there and not relevant. in laguna honda 90% are asian and hispanic and black and more than half are women. we serve 2,000 meals to patients and seniors that are unable to take care of themselves so the family can be in the work force so they can pay tax like anybody else. most of my workers they are very -- they work very hard but they have to work two, three jobs to survive because they want their kids to go to college and be able to have a chance, so this is very important. i want to show you this picture. this is [inaudible] 1868. chinese workers are not in the pictures because they help building the railroad but they are paid $7 a day while noun colored people are paid $14 a day and pay wages and lodging and food too. i am an immigrant myself so i know about the history -- >> thank you. >> first there is slavery and chinese worker has always been discriminated too so right now we're still working poor. >> thank you very much. >> thanks a lot. [applause] >> [gavel] >> ladies and gentlemen, i please ask for board rules
morning at 7:29. right there, you're taking a look at oakland towards the mount diablo area in the easterly direction. temperatures currently into the 50s and 60s. the winds are out of the west at 12 miles per hour. pretty sustained winds at this hour but not as relentless as yesterday at this time. today, with the lack of a wind, temperatures were warmer than yesterday, upper 50s pacifica, moss and montera beaches, in fact all the way into the avenues, 68 degrees in san rafael through terra linda. it was also in the mid- and high 60s east of the bay and inland. 64 in san jose averaging a couple of degrees below normal for this time of the year. bottoming out at 41 degrees in almaden valley, otherwise mid- 50s common across the central bay. cooler north of the golden gate bridge. 30s and 40s. 30s toward the delta. this is the scene at the coast now, sunset, with starry skies tonight. bright sunshine for your sunday so plan outdoor activities and mild temperatures, certainly some beach weather. pick city tomorrow santa cruz 70 degrees.
en 64 grados en oakland y mínimas en san jose con 45 grados y alcanzron una máxima de 78 en napa, y 66 grados, la brisa ha estado soplando hasta 16 millas por hora desde el oeste y así continuaremos, sigue el tiempo placentero en california y con mínima esta noche de 47 grados, 32 en napa, 37 en concord ustedes en libermore palo alto y san jose entre 939 y 43 grados, hoy en 63 grados pero hoy disfrutamos de mucho sol porque sigue el gran tiempo en el área de la bahia y así continuaremos los próximos días, máxima de 70 y por las ncohes 47 feliz resto de la semana-y hablar de la combinacion entre el deseo sexual y la prevencion es como agua y aceite la doctora maritza fuentes nos dice como manejar este tipo de situaciones. >> saludos amigos gracias por acompañarnos, la pildora anticonpoceptiva sigue haciendo controversias hoy hablamos con su relacion del deseo sexual. >> poresuntamente causado por las tabletas anticonceptivas todavía no se ha podido comprobar que la mencionada falta de dese sexual podria ser por otras cosas y no necesariamente por la pastilla, así que la fal
, is that oakland, that accent? [laughter] >> i guess from my perspective, it never hurts to ask. we have a huge variety of sponsors. for example rona who is like a lowe's or home depot who is supplying or providing paint. they are a sponsor of my program. so, they provide me a 45% discount on paint as well as they give me a 25% discount coupon that we give to everybody. they supply the materials for my wipe outs, they supply the paint for my wipe out. cis -- not cis, seco paint has been providing paint the last number of years for wipe out. i know it's discouraging, but i think what i've found in terms of getting corporate sponsorship is starting at your local store and working it that way, trying to get them on board. and once you get them on board on small little events, then piece them off to get the bigger ones. so, for example, glad bag sponsors our 15 to clean program. they provide all the bags and all the gloves for our whole spring campaign. and it's possible. so does safeway. safeway sponsors one of our litter programs where they -- we pay nonprofit groups to go in the community, pick
in oakland. watch as they climb. the wednesday will be the warmest day. a few extra clouds by saturday. >> construction continues on the 49ers new stadium in santa clara. and the team has already sold three- quarters of the seats. fans and corporations have bought 403-million- dollars worth of tickets. the new stadium requires fans to buy seats that cost between two-thousand and 80-thousand-dollars. and then purchase season tickets that cost 850 to 3,750 dollars each year. the total cost to build the new stadium is one point two billion dollars. we're just 70 days away from this $1.2 billion project is under construction for 11 months. >> the electricity and it does not take a lot of imagination to see what this is going to look like. it is really come a long way. >> the project executive to amuse media on the tour. >> we can see concrete, steel work and plumbers, masons, sheet rock the interior trees are out here everything with the except the field and the scoreboard. also the interior field is something not we have heard or is the sustainability. >> we have a enough solar panels for
volcano. can you trigger a magnitude 7 at mount diablo. we'll wait and see. 38 degrees in concord; oakland, 43; livermore, 48; sfo, the airport, 44 degrees; san jose, 40 and santa rosa with 37 degrees. thanks for stopping by the cw this morning. appreciate it and in exchange, we'll tell you today's got plenty of sunshine and the high pressure that is over the eastern pacific begins to move toward the west coast and we have warming into the 70s this week. plenty of sunshine. to date, most of the readings are in the 60s. we'll nudge 70 in a few locations and 70s for the inland areas and the warmest spot for the bay area this week. in the satellite loop, we have high clouds streaming over the pacific northwest. high pressure that is out of the pacific. nice today. sunny and warmer than yesterday and which is also gorgeous. a great saturday and if you're heading out of the bay area, the usual footprint of fog in the central valley. the numbers are in the 70s in sacramento and into fresno. 63, monterey and the bay area, 60 today. 64 degrees, 67 at liver mor; 69 at concord and the expended forec
today. >> san francisco police and an oakland raider join the fight against bullying. how they are hoping to empower children. >>> a very nice saturday across the entire bay area. here's our live camera looking outside. a few high clouds out there, coming up, the neighborhoods that will hit the low 70s and i'll let you know if we'll have any rain clouds in the forecast. >> why researchers weren't worried about the asteroid the size of a football headed our way today. ♪ roundup ♪ i want a weed free season, that's how i roll ♪ ♪ so i reach for roundup extended control ♪ ♪ with the all-new, no pump, one-touch wand ♪ ♪ it kills weeds dead and keeps weeds gone ♪ [ whip cracks ] ♪ roundup extended control ♪ i just spray them weeds, then spray them cracks ♪ ♪ the weeds are gone, and they won't be back ♪ ♪ driveway, patio, i just spray once ♪ ♪ and it's adios weeds for up to four sweet months ♪ [ whip cracks ] ♪ roundup extended control [ male announcer ] roundup extended control ♪ yeha with the new one-touch wand. [ whip cracks ] >>> more
was for traffic heading into oakland would not use the new pan until four to six months later. now the line is both lanes, east and west, will get to go at the same time when it opens right after the labor day holiday weekend. live on treasure island, abc7 news. >> ama: as he just said, the bay bridge is set to open labor day weekend. the estimate it cost is nearly 6-1/2 billion. last week the officials announced the public walk across the bridge will be free. 100,000 walkers are expected to make the trek on labor day weekend. >> an armed man from vallejo cluesed of stealing from wal-mart led to a high-speed chase. the man's pickup truck left trail of debris. police chased the suspect after security guard called to report he stole a tv from wal-mart. the suspect got cornered in the mobile home
and coming breweries and this is just a trend. the prime example and oakland just approved the provisions on college avenue and actually granted them a variance which was an unusual step. but the point is that a lot of municipalities are not wanting to get in the way of this movement and to have this off-sale ability is a key thing for their business to thrive, like a lot of the other examples that have already been mentioned. i strongly support their application. >> thank you. >> next speaker. >> i am soma tenatn, fourth generation san franciscoan and i am opening up a restaurant in april on (inaudible). i think that these guys are part of the help for a solution to revitalization. the area right now, i can't help but think of amsterdam from the wire and i was walking down the street this morning and i was talking to the guys at swan oyster depot telling them that i was going to a hearing where is the location. and they were like it seems like the city would rather have homeless people over there that are not paying taxes instead of working class people who are paying taxes and thirsty.
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was not harris' first day back. after oakland raided football team. into this week losing his super bowl ring. billy ray found the ring trapped out the flayer and returned him for it. he was rewarded now people from around the globe are reporting billy ray with honor. >> i hope he uses the money to change his life going onward and upwards of better things. sara and her husband bill sara and her husband bill deserve high praise.(music thro) why turbo? trust us. it's just better to be in front. the sonata turbo. from hyundai. got you ! you cannot escape the rebel forces ! ahhh. got you ! got ya ! gotcha ! got . that's all you got, brother ? take that. never having to surrender the things that matter. gotcha. that's powerful. verizon. >> after getting mugged during his confirmation hearings they hope to get bet aernss from the obama administration about what's happening in benghazi. it may be no, sir tal gig in the good old days. secretary hagel dealing with allegations that afghans working with air has been special forces are involved in torture and other abusive behavior. to make that even mor
what it is. >> i have 6-year-old twin daughters in oakland, california. we try to have -- we try to live on the border between the digital and analog, hardcover books and the ipod. we are constantly back-and-forth i just had a piece in the near times and i have to say what it went live at midnight, it was a little thrill, but when i got the paper in the morning and side and print, i thought it could go to mom and dad and say hey, it's not just virtual. it's factual. so there's something for a certain generation. look around this term. we are here. my students are nigeria. how many undergrads are the audience today? thank you. so there's all kinds of digital divides. but in terms of media, my students, undergrads, the hardcover as squier is not in their hands. >> you're the undergrad. go to the microphone and tell us the answer to the question, will you? >> was certain generation doesn't have an investment is for config. like when the near times was like we are a fate now. >> of the mike down. sorry to single you out. >> bring your microphone to your mouth. >> i'm really intereste
to mayor matthews, mayor read, we also have officials from oakland. this is going to take a unified approach. we are up against a very tough competitors and south florida. miami has hosted. they know how to do it, but we are excited to show off our region, the innovation and also the compassion that we have here in this community. my job, my day job is running tipping points from the community and focusing on fighting poverty in the region and every community project that we have approached, are excited that we are not only talking about one game, but we are talking about bringing all the people together and shining a light on our entire region and helping our whole community embrace them. i want to thank jed, mayor matthew and lee forgiving me this opportunity to present this. on may 21st we present to the owners in boston and that will be the big day. so this is a great testament to the regions unified vision and i will turn it over to jed. thank you. [ applause ] >> it's a pleasure to the working with so many great people to bring the biggest sporting event in the world in northe
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